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Building a business online means building relationships, getting targeted traffic, getting all the necessary training and tools needed to become wealthy.  Duplications are the mainstay of any business.  Better Web Builder is a list building tool that can put you on the path to reaching your financial goal. 

Are you going to take the opportunity to join Better Web Builder and start your home business and duplicate all that you learn by telling others about this Great Opportunity?  Helping others can help your business grow.  Its A WIN for everybody. 

Listed below is the link to Better Web Builder Compensation Plan.

After checking the Better Web Builder plan for yourself, introduce the opportunity to others who are tired of working for someone else and answering to others demands and the time clock.

Play It Forward

Posted: 11:50, Monday, July 25, 2011
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When I started  looking for an online home business I fell into the pitfalls of those companies that were not exactly there to help you but only to cheat and take.  I think a lot of people have gone through such an ordeal and now they are skeptical about any offers that maybe online especially those who are asking for money before showing you what the company is all about.  Whether they sell products or services, all of that should be explained to all who are interested.

Since I have been in the market looking for online businesses, I have learned and experienced a lot of what is legitimate and those that are not.  It's really unbelievable that there are advertisers who are STILL telling people that they can make money stuffing envelopes or (and this is a good one) You can make THOUSANDS of dollars a day just for typing.  There are those who are novices who still fall for such offers and they learn the hard way as many has that people who run such ads are not truthful or reliable, yet they still running  these types of ads  on a daily basis.

I am glad that in today's market all is completely different in the way businesses are now presented to you.  Its all about building and branding yourself, developing your personal marketing strategies, and building a social rapport with everyone that you connect with on any site.

An associate joined me on one of my projects, but knew absolutely nothing about how to go about using the system.  I walked him thru the process from step A to Z and I enjoyed doing that because I realized I have learned a lot and still learning and its all about helping others develop their niche and to make money.

The one thing everyone should realize that any business that you become involved with, should know that its all a process and it takes patience and changing your mindset.

Pay It Forward

Posted: 3:48, Saturday, July 23, 2011
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Did you ever think 20 years ago that technology would have advanced so intensely that Social sites are now the IN communication industry?

These social sites are now set up whereas you can have a home business and make money using these sitesYou can now reach and make friends with anyone from any country.  That in itself is truly amazing and its all thru communication. To make money you must get the best training and marketing strategies and the tools to make it a success.  There is such a marketing system where its free to join, free training, free marketing strategies, free tools to get leads and grow your downline.  

Socializing and building relationships are the components that can help  you earn an income and your business grow exponentially.  Duplication is a great business builder by training those who are interested in making an income and building up their business interests.

Training and getting the tools FREE and also marketing strategies are being offered all over the Internet.  The Structure of things have changed considerably and financially.  It will cost you nothing to check it out for yourself.

Pay It Forward

Posted: 12:19, Thursday, July 21, 2011
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With so many people having a home business and others creating businesses you can join, how do you know which is legit?  It is not easy even when you do indepth research you can still fall into a never ending money pit and not make any money.  With some businesses/network marketers they say that training and tools are free, but sometimes its not all that they say it is.  For so many its all about the extras that cost too much money located in their back office where they have partnered with other App companies to do a double dip and it all falls on you.  When businesses add costly add ons its not about you its all about the money.

Getting involved with an online business is not always an instant overnight success story.  For the very few it does happen, but for 99% of us you will need to change your mindset, Get the necessary training and all the tools that's needed.  Working on your personal development is a definite plus and can help you with your business and train others to duplicate what you learn, and tell them  the secrets of using the right marketing and training strategies to succeed in business and online.

This doesn't mean that all online businesses are like that, because there are people who are compassionate, friendly and willing to help you no matter at what stage you maybe in trying to learn what it is network and social marketers really can teach you.  You, as an individual must be coachable or nothing will work for you because people must like and trust you when you duplicate all the great info that is on the World Wide Web.

Pay It Forward

Posted: 11:57, Tuesday, July 19, 2011
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There are millions of people online today, attempting to get a home business working and earning an income.  The Economy has gone down into the dumps and nothing in site to show when or if it will ever recover in the foreseeable future.

Not with that said, you must have an idea of the business niche that you are interested in and will be fun for you.  Next is finding a FREE training program that offers you all the marketing strategies and essential tools need to grow your business and earn an income.   Find a marketing strategy system that you are comfortable with and that give value and content is being taught thru meetings and webinars.

Joining other groups will give you an idea of the marketing strategies you need to succeed and become the Entrepreneur of your business.  Getting other ideas from other groups is a great learning experience and they are all there to help you achieve your goal.  For most, the the motto is teaching others what they have learned and then their being able teach you to duplicate those strategies.  Duplication is the be all of having a business because you can see your income increase exponentially and building it into a residual income for your future.

Marketing strategies are needed to compete with the millions who are also using strategies from experts via their Videos, articles, blogs and Forums.  Personal Development is a great thing because the more you improve you, the more others will seek you out which is a definite plus.

Pay It Forward

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Posted: 1:10, Sunday, July 17, 2011
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How is your home business coming along?  Are you attracting people to you or your site?  Are you getting any leads or generating traffic?  If not, the problem maybe that you are not using the right tools to generate leads.

There is a terrific site called Better Web Builder-a FREE training and marketing system that trains you in all facets of how to properly generate traffic, prepare capture pages, making videos and much, much more.  Better Web Builder also allows you to add your own Products from a different business stream and make additional money.

You have to focus and have the mindset to get all the training and marketing strategies to have a profitable business. use the great tools provided to you and attend all meetings and webinars that are taught by the founder, leaders and mentors.

Times are hard now and the best way of surviving is having your own business  and have the determination to learn as much as you possibly can and then go further by training others to do the same thing you are doing to generate traffic, in other words duplication.  Duplication is the keyword to making a profit  today and having a residual income.

Yours in Success,

Pay It Forward

Posted: 11:21, Saturday, July 16, 2011
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Better Web Builder is a list building tool that will guide you on the right path to reaching your income goal.  If you are an average person like me and want your own home business, then this is the place and site to get started.

BWB has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The levels descend down 7 levels and commissions are made as leads upgrade to either level.  This company is quite different because it treat people different and during conferences or webinars you can ask questions during the sessions and not have to wait until the sessions are over.

The leaders whose incomes are increasing exponentially are always there to help you and doesn't put themselves on a pedestal where you can't ask questions.  The Founders of BWB are just the same, which makes a world of difference to people and determines if people want to be involved with BWB.

Compensations are there to be made.  Only you can decide if you want to make an income or stand by the wayside and continue to buy lottery tickets.

Check out  BWB at:

Posted: 11:14, Friday, July 8, 2011
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If you don't know anything about Marketing any business and you want to succeed, you must get the training needed.  Understanding the concept of marketing can be difficult if not just down right confusing.  You must give the people what they want and that is value.  They want to know if they can make money and it must be of interest to them.  If you can't get their attention then you aren't focusing on giving them enough value and content.

Most people believed as I did that if you didn't have a job by working for others, then you don't eat.  But if you fully study and research the marketing system you can make money.  I would like to to show you how you can get free training and marketing strategies and the tools to own your business.  Just Like owning a home, owning your own business is the American dream. 

Being coachable is a must because if you can't comprehend how to use the training and tools that benefit you then you aren't going to succeed in business.  There are so many Free training systems available online and you can choose the one that works for you and are comfortable enough for you to grasp the concept of how to make money online.  Don't expect to start making money right away, because you are setting yourself up to fail.  It takes time, patience and the business niche that people are interested in.  While learning all you can via the training and tools also start to do some personal development and then you can mentor others on how to make money.

Pay It Forward.

Posted: 8:47, Thursday, July 7, 2011
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Are you apprehensive about having a home based business online?  Well don't be-take a chance on you.  The risk is worth it because there are millions of people online looking for a way to make money.  All marketing systems are not scams, therefore you do your research and join in with someone that you can trust or know that they are not taking you down the wrong path.

There are a lot of sites online that are offering free training and tools but select the one that makes you comfortable, knows how to give you value and good content.  Select a Free system that you can fully get behind and understand all that the mentor is telling you.  In  todays' market the motto is all about teaching others what you have learned and showing them how to make an income and get targeted traffic.   The training webinars can be very informative and useful.  Join as many as you can because you get a different perspective from each webinar and learn something useful from each training session.

Having a home business is totally different from the way it was done 20 years ago.  It was cold calls, going  door to door, sending out post cards, taking out ads in newspapers etc. and not getting to know the people and they don't know you.  A lot of limitations=money lost.  The internet has made it infinitely much easier to reach people now, its totally global and with that type of connection, all is open to you.  Social Media Marketing, Videos, Emails, Facebook, Twitter,  to name a few has all the info on there websites.  The step you have to take is researching and finding your niche and all essential info needed for you to run your business so that you see a profit.


Posted: 2:19, Wednesday, July 6, 2011
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Just saying  you want a home based business takes more than words.  Having the correct mindset is one of the keys to making money online.  Decide on the business niche that you feel you will enjoy.  Check the Google Keyword Tool to check if your chosen niche is getting targeted traffic.  If your niche is getting targeted leads then that is a win-win situation.

With that done you need to find Preferably some FREE training and essential tools to guide you on the path to making money with your business niche.  This is a list that will help you learn what is needed to put a stamp on you and your business.  You learn:

1.  How to effectively target the right people
2.  Mindset attraction marketing
3.  Social media, marketing, Facebook, Twitter
4.  Forum Marketing
5.  Classified Ads and offline ads
6.  Live Q&A and review sessions.

1.  Article Marketing and writing strategies
2.  Optimization
3.  Article Directory, Websites and Backlinking
4.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
5.  How to create video and video marketing strategy
6.  Blogging secrets and affiliate marketing secrets

1.  Paid Marketing strategies
2.  Intro to PPC
3.  Content network and banner ads

Blogging  allows people to get to know you.  Get into the habit of blogging everyday ensuring that its quality info you are blogging about.  Also delivering effective content is very important and being professional about your subject is helpful to you and your business.

Staying connected to the business relationships you build can help grow your business and help you build a residual income.

Pay It Forward

Posted: 12:23, Friday, July 1, 2011
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Better Web Builder is a FREE marketing system designed to work in conjunction with your primary business and other business streams.  With Better Web builder you can  sign up as a free member or to earn more in profits, you can upgrade to the Gold membership that has 7 levels.  There are also 2 other memberships: Bronze, 2 levels, and Silver 4 levels.

Better Web Builder is a fantastic system in that the cost at the gold level is only $1 a day or $29.95 per month.  When comparing other companies that charge so much more and offer so much less.  With Better Web Builder you are given the option of adding your product such as Avon or Amway to its web system and selling to earn additional income.  This is awesome because I know of no other company on the internet that gives you such an option.  You receive Free training and all essentials tools to learn how to become a success.

With Better Web Building, you receive weekly training on how to use the social sites, Apps, emails, Autoresponders to get on the path to earning an income.  You can also earn money from your videos, personalize your channel, Build your list, add content from other videos.

With other videos you can leave a comment, using good info after watching the video which drives people to your site.  Marketing and leaving a comment on others blogs and back link to others site, drives people to your site also.

With Better Web Builder I have found a fantastic site that is unique in your being able to use it to your business advantage, Great leaders and mentors and everybody being willing to help you with any problems you may run into.  You can join for free, but the bucks comes to you when you upgrade and tell others about this fantastic system that is steadily growing globally and still attracting more people because the system works.

Pay It Forward

Posted: 10:11, Wednesday, June 29, 2011
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The best thing about building your business is the focus being on you and not the business.
Become a student of personal development.  The more you lean the more you have to offer.  Always offer value:  How to Teach; Review the product, company, entity; Training and teaching different forms, techniques,; mindset and relating to your market.  You can borrow proof by joining teams of top producers; find the top producer that can help you the most; network with leaders.

Stay connected with your prospects via Facebook, twitter, YouTube and your personal blog or emails.  You can utilize these 3 systems: Generating leads, give Value and offer the opportunity of duplication to earn a 6 figure income.  Mentoring your prospects will lead to their being able to duplicate your teachings and the earning possibilities  are awesome.  Its a great feeling to your prospects for you become the solution to their being able to earn an income and secure residual income. Driving them via social sites to your blog and then to your email list, you build relationships by continuously sharing value.

Sending  out Broadcast messages or newsletters telling your prospects about:
1.  Daily happenings in your business
2.  How to do something
3.  What not to do
4.  Success Stories-yours and others
5.  Current events
6.  Philosophically based emails
7.  Q&A

Mentoring to others and instructing them that the focus should always be on them and not a company.  Companies can shut down, you can leave a particular company, but people  become members because of you and not the company.  Getting the right training, tools and marketing strategies can be used with any business niche.

Pay It Forward

Posted: 2:34, Monday, June 27, 2011
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When building relationships the focus is on you and socializing with others on different sites.

Branding You:

A.  Discover your passions, choose a niche, learn it, share it, master it, building your brand with  a blog.

B.  It represents your brand and you own it 100%.

C.  Your blog is your hub, its your core, the blog.

D.  Build rapport.  Credibility , influence and automate relationships with your audience and your list.

E.  Showcase your content value base.  Remember content is the name of the game.  Your posts work for you 24 hours a day.

F.  Its a portal for syndication.  More = higher search engine rankings.  Google loves Wordpress.

G.  Build social proof, unlimited leverage, traffic hub and most importantly - build your email list.

H. You need a Blog - This is your powerhouse and life long profit center.


1.  Change the way you think.
2.  Educate yourself.
3.  Find a mentor.
4.  Focus on you not the company.
5.  Offer value.
6.  Focus on Being a Leader.
7.  Duplicate what your mentor is doing.
8.  Entertain your communication list-squeeze page, blogs, websites

These items are important and if you continuously build you, and work on your personal development success is yours to be taken to another hemisphere. $$$$$$$$

Pay it Forward


Posted: 3:05, Thursday, June 23, 2011
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Research Traffic - Search Engine Optimization Blueprint.  Dominate Natural Search Results.

1.  Create 5 types of Content.

Landing Page
Write an article about your company
Create A YouTube Video about your company
Create a Blog Post
Create a Hub Page  on your company

2.  Weave your backlink spider web

Backlink from company page
Footer Page- Link to everything
Article-Link signature to your landing page
Optimize YouTube video to link to Landing page, Hubpage & article
Tag your company name
Link blog to YouTube, Hubpage, video, Blog post & your article

3.  Build Backilinks Overtime
Review SEO and Backlinking secrets
Submit one article  per week on each piece of content
Bookmark each piece of content

4. Partner up for Yahoo Answers

Have someone ask about your company and you answer and backlink to your hub Page or Article
Twitter Business Listing site - Backlink to hubpage etc.

5.  Maintain Google Rankings

Review rankings weekly
If you are not #20 continue to build more backlinks
Blog comments, high page rank sites, submitting articles in different directions.

Google rankings puts you at the top of earning potentials and traffic leads.

Pay It Forward


Posted: 5:03, Tuesday, June 21, 2011
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The mindset of of success is believing that you will succeed and working with passion outweighs working for a paycheck.  Being passionate about others succeeding and having an easier life.  You must focus on not just your failure but the passion of your business.  Don't allow the fact that you need a paycheck be your guide.  Choose a business that you are passionate about.  Remember if you aren't passionate  then it would be the same as working for a company for a paycheck only and hating the company and job.

Being passionate about your business makes it fun and exciting.  That excitement comes through and the people you are helping can feel that excitement and drive.  The power of those passions can make you the Entrepreneur of your dreams and bring others along for a great ride of reaching their income goal.  When offering great value and content plus passion  can make you the Guru of blending Personal and Business Devlopment.

When Your belief in self is so embedded that it radiates from within it tends to grab others and build relationships that will help others duplicate the same passion when teaching others how to be passionate about their online business.  Those you are mentoring can blend their personal and business development to surpass their wildest dreams and help their business grow exponentially.  The Focus is on passion for your business not the paycheck.

Pay It Forward

Posted: 11:14, Monday, June 20, 2011
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Creating a seven figure Sales Funnel.

Six steps to financial freedom.

1. Introduction and the offer - Keyword Landing pages.

A. Engage, entertain and inform your prospect.  Use your very own video or screenshot.
B. Keep videos 2-5  minutes long.  Explain, tell them again and be direct.  Put your name and email on the form.
C. Offer something free-such as a free online marketing and training session.

2. Sell You, Brand You, Be A Leader.

A.Tell them your name, how long you've been in business, explain the process.
B. Create suspense and excitement.
C. Explain the importance of going through the next few videos provided.

3. The Overview

A. Discuss details of your company-The name, features, advantages, the benefits of the company.
B. Example- XYZ company is a free marketing system that show you how to generate revenue.
C. Create suspense by telling them how they can make money, but the details will be on the next video.  Then direct them to the next video-The compensation plan- telling them you will walk through the compensation plan.

4.  Compensation Plan

A.  If adding a footer give examples of how you make money. 
B.  Explain how the Footer works
C.  Give example of how much money can be made

5. Benefits of Joining your team

A. Recap the earlier videos
B. Put the person at ease-this is done by putting the video in front of the right traffic.
C. No talking to friends or family- These are the mostly the naysayers.
D. Direct the person/s to next video to sign up.

6. Join now

A. Use Affiliate Link or
B. Use Capture Page

7.  Focus On The Traffic.  Focus on what the people want.

If you focus on your niche and the training, tools and marketing system you can and will earn immediate income and residual income.  Duplication is Key.

Pay It Forward

Posted: 3:04, Saturday, June 18, 2011
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How long did it take you to find the program/company that felt like the perfect fit for you?  Like so many people and for some, it has taken years to find a system that makes you feel comfortable and the people who are the founders.    There are so many millions of companies/programs worldwide that are being launched today.  Yet you should really take your time to decide if it fits with what you are looking for and if they are not  just off the cuff Ponzi schemes.

In today's environment everybody and by that, I mean all the network marketers are offering free training and tools to get you joined up with their company, but sometimes something is always missing.  Some of them will tell you they are there to help you, yet if you ask questions, they get irritated and comes off very aloof and condescending.  Their claim is they are always available to help you but those are just words.  Action always speaks louder than words.  This is the type of company  that you get away from in a hurry.  They are only in the business to get hard workers in the business to make money for them, sometimes descending seven levels or more.

Then there are the companies/programs that actually are what they claim to be.  They are leaders and are there to help you in all facets of guiding you on the path for you to succeed through training, tools, videos and more training two or three days a week.  These type of companies attract leaders who bring in others to become leaders by teaching them all that they have learned and are glad to help others earn money thereby growing everybody's business.

Success to all who are succeeding in their online businesses and learning how to market their business niche.

Pay It Forward

Posted: 10:35, Friday, June 17, 2011
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The economy today has made it impossible to survive and because of it millions of people have  gone the way of opening their own home business.  Although it is a good idea, a lot of home businesses do fail in the first year or so.

The secret to having a home business is choosing a  business niche that will allow you to earn an income to secure your future with residual income and giving people a product or service that can benefit them.  It takes time, patience, proper training, tools, building relationships and getting people interested in  what you offer.  Because so many people have been scammed quite a few times, it is difficult to find those that have the right mindset of never giving up on themselves.  In todays market, free training is being taught to those who are novices at network marketing and also given the tools to insure your business get targeted traffic to their business site.  Getting your site  automated is one of the best ways to get your business up and running.

An Autoresponder helps get daily emails out to those who maybe interested.  It can confirm anyone who signs up, or wants additional info.  It also can send out daily messages etc.  You can also find an auto tool that will help with your twitter accounts.  Once you set it up, there isn't much that you have to do but check in and make changes  as you desire.

Watching videos that are in the same field as your niche is another great tool to use and learn to do more to attract others to your site.  Also attending webinars or conferences that are being taught in the same field, is a great way to brand you and help with the fundamentals of running your business economically and partner with other like minded individuals.  Duplication and teaching others what you have learned can be a gold mind for you and your business.

Pay It Forward

Posted: 7:11, Thursday, June 16, 2011
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In the words of Ralph Marston: You've done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.

When starting your new home business did you have the mindset to stick with it no matter how difficult things may have become?  Were you positive in mind that this was the was the business for you because you enjoyed it and the people you connected with?  In any business you must socialize with others because you need people to have an income coming into your business.

You have to look for targeted people who are interested in your business niche.  If not you are setting yourself up for failure.  Through it all you need to maintain a positive mental attitude.  The possibilities can be there, you just have to do enough research on your business niche and use Google and other sites that are available  to help you find the right keywords and Adwords to attract the right people to you.  Getting other Auto tools that can help your business is great because it can help you keep you positive and alert to other business issues and all you can learn.

The idea of Keywords is definitely to brand you and attract others to the value and content of your message that you are trying to get across to others.  The offer of free training and free tools can be the beginning of a successful and awesome income future.

Pay It Forward.

Posted: 3:26, Tuesday, June 14, 2011
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Pessimism is a word that should never enter your mind when building your primary business or other business streams. It can stop you from becoming the powerful person that you are, and your spirit and soul possess. You must remain objective about how you are going to get yourself in gear to meet the goals you have set for yourself. You can't allow naysayers to tell you that its impossible to have a home business in the environment that we now live in. Working smart by attending as many webinars and conferences possible. Watch all the videos that you can find that relate to your business niche and duplicate all the top producers who are really actually making money from their business.

Write and read blogs, forums, articles-its a very good learning curve to get use to doing something that you have never done before. A lot of people are afraid they are going to mess up when making videos, but a lot of the videos on YouTube aren't all that professional. Get started, make mistakes and learn from them by being more confident in yourself, and when giving value and content you are going to attract people to you.

It's not easy, but perseverance is key to getting to where you want to be and key to staying ahead of the deep hole called failure.

Pay It Forward.

Posted: 3:23, Friday, June 10, 2011
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